Chatbox Rules - [OFFICIAL]

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Chatbox Rules - [OFFICIAL]

Post  Kaydin on Sat Dec 20, 2008 8:13 pm

[OFFICIAL] - If you want to add something, make a new post and i will think over about your new rule(s). So, here it goes...

Rule 1. Follow all the rules, if you do not it will result in a temp or perm ban.

Rule 2. Respect Staff Mumbers, no, Respect ALL members.

Rule 3. No Spamming, flaming, swearing (This goes for abbriviations also, gtfo and stfu are NOT allowed)

Rule 4. Do not yell out DC, Lag or Connection Loss.

Rule 5. Do not spam any persons name. This will get annoying and we might ban you. Smile

Rule 6. Have fun. and Read the Ingame Rules. Smile

Much Love - Kaydin

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